Silk is the soul
Silk is the Soul is a 360 video exploring the silk heritage of Macclesfield with a new perspective.

Derelict mills left behind from the peak of the industrial revolution become the backdrop for a series of interventions, performed by young people from the town, and using silk processes as inspiration.
Silk experts
Stories from the silk mills are precious and slowly fading away. They need to be shared, taking on new meanings for generations to come.

Young people from Macclesfield talked to some local silk experts, volunteers, and enthusiasts, to gather some of these spoken treasures.

These informed the content for the final 360 video.
Young people’s
The Silk Road has given way to the World Wide Web, the hand-to hand trading of the silk has been replaced by the click-to-click of Ebay, Amazon, and Facebook Market. The connections between countries are still there but taking on a different form.

Young people in Macclesfield have created a series of poems, using silk processes as a metaphor for individual feelings and for our over growing society. If we could transform like the silk worm, what would we turn into?

The poems were used for the soundtrack of the 360 video.
the scenes
Visit the photo galleries below to discover the making of the video, from designing the original concept and experimenting with 360 video to creating the props, rehearsing and filming.
Prop making
Finding treasures
in Macclesfield
Silk is the Soul led us to discover some amazing places, some well known, some completely hidden to the eyes of the general public. Each scene of the film was shot in a place relevant to the silk heritage, a silk mill, a local church, a silk button warehouse. Visit the photo gallery to discover more.